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“Sam is an amazing person and an amazing lawyer. He always does what’s best for his clients and is available 24/7.”
“Sam Nalli, one of the greatest attorneys in the State of Maryland. He works hard for you. He stands with you and for you throughout your ordeal. I would recommend his services to anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you need an attorney, give him a call.”
“Samuel Nalli happened to represent me at a time when my character was about to be tarnished. He was totally client focused with a mindset that made me feel like the most important client on the planet. I greatly endorse Mr. Nalli because of his ethics and professionalism. If you are looking for a lawyer who is not afraid to be aggressive in representing you, call Sam Nalli.”
“I cannot thank you enough for your huge help and helping me get my life back! You are the best lawyer in Maryland, and you are also the best person in my life!”
“I had never had any sort of legal troubles before. But suddenly I found myself way in over my head and the only thing I knew for certain was that I needed a lawyer. Out of ten or so lawyers I interviewed for my case, Sam was the lawyer I chose. He laid out the different options available to me, all the while explaining everything clearly so I could easily understand. His confidence helped me feel better the whole way through. I know without Sam, I would not have come out of the ordeal in such a good position. And if anything ever happens again, I know not to worry because I can rely on Sam to help me.”

Meet Samuel!

Samuel S Nalli, Attorney At Law is member of the Maryland State Bar Association. Attorney Nalli is also a member of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association. Attorney Nalli started his journey by graduating from University Of Maryland, College Park with Bachelors in Economics. Attorney Nalli attended University of Baltimore School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor degree with his concentration in Litigation and Advocacy.
In 2008, Attorney Nalli opened the Law Office of Samuel S. Nalli in Howard County, Maryland in the town of Columbia. After opening the first office he opened two other law offices in the towns of Westminster and Frederick In his time as an attorney he has helped hundreds of people just like you.
Samuel S. Nalli Will Never Back Down From Fight, He Will Always Work His Hardest To Help You
Attorney Nalli is well experienced in Criminal/DUI, family law, divorce law, bankruptcy law, and is well capable of other types of legal cases.

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