When you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, the entire experience is overwhelming. At the time of your arrest, you may not realize the full impact your charges will have on your life. Facing hefty fine or a long term prison sentence can change your entire future. Whether you are guilty or not, protecting your rights is your first priority.

Consulting a Jessup, Maryland criminal lawyer should be your next step. If you attempt to approach the situation without high-quality legal representation, the consequences could last a lifetime. Providing expertise in the area of criminal law, the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli has a wide range of experiences to ensure you the best possible outcome.

Our Premium Jessup, Maryland Defense Lawyer Strategies

Admittedly every criminal defense requires unique individual strategies. Regardless of the type of criminal charges, our expert Jessup, Maryland criminal lawyer will aggressively work on your behalf. We understand both misdemeanors and long term felony convictions negatively impact your job, family, and other aspects of your life. By providing outstanding representation, the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. We will use all of our experience and knowledge to provide the best line of defense.

Our Various Jessup, Maryland Defense Lawyer Areas of Expertise

When facing criminal charges, the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli begins by ensuring the protection of your rights. Being read your Miranda warning is essential. After the arrest process, you always have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Your rights are crucial to your case. Failure to provide you with these basic rights allows the Jessup, Maryland criminal lawyer an entirely new defense strategy.

Handling a wide range of expertise, our Jessup, Maryland defense lawyer will defend you with a combination of skill, experience, and knowledge.

  • Rape or other forms of sexual assault charges
  • Burglary, theft or possession of stolen merchandise
  • First-degree murder or manslaughter charges
  • Possession of a controlled substance or intent to deal
  • Fraud and identity theft
  • Extortion, embezzlement or other forms of White Collar Crimes
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Drunk driving related charges
  • Second-degree assault
  • Email harassment

Even if you do not see your criminal charge above, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli. Our areas of legal expertise are vast. Our professional Jessup, Maryland defense attorney will provide private, expert consultation for your current criminal charges. By working with you throughout your criminal charges process, we provide you with honest, educational answers for all your questions and concerns.

If you have any more questions regarding our high level of Jessup, Maryland criminal lawyer services, please call us today. Providing you with a free consultation, the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli will strategize for the best defense for your personal situation. Facing investigation and criminal charges may leave you feeling vulnerable. Allow us to advocate your personal rights as you and your loved ones face this difficult time.