When you are formally charged with a crime, the experience can be overwhelming for you and your loved ones. Regardless if the charges true or false, contacting a premium Laurel, Maryland criminal lawyer is crucial. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to determine the best course of action as you proceed with your legal matter.

Retaining legal support from a knowledgeable Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli ensures you have an advocate protecting your rights. Providing an educated support system, A Laurel, Maryland defense lawyer will help you through each step of the legal process. For family members and friends, legal support helps relieve the stress of the situation. Beginning with evidence that led to the arrest to the final sentencing, the Laurel, Maryland defense lawyer will be able to explain the legal process.

Basic Overview for the Need of a Highly Reputable Laurel, Maryland Criminal Lawyer

After being formally charged, the most important aspect to remember is you have rights. The issuing of the arrest warrant shows preliminary evidence you may have a connection to the crime. The arresting officer must read your Miranda Rights advising you of your basic rights as a person of interest in a crime. Failure to read you of your Miranda Rights prior to interrogation is a violation of your own rights.

Police officers and detectives receive specialized training in formal interrogation techniques. The officer in the interrogation room by lie to you, try to make you feel a sense of guilt, pretend to be your friend or simply continue to ask questions until you tire. The training and implementation of interrogation techniques are an effective way to receive answers from a suspect. The best way to ensure you do not say the wrong thing is by being silent and requesting a Laurel, Maryland criminal lawyer for legal representation.

At this point, requesting a Laurel, Maryland criminal lawyer is the best option. If you say anything, the officer and prosecuting attorney can use the information against you in the courtroom.

Every criminal case is unique to the individual circumstances surrounding the crime. Determining your role in the criminal charges will determine the final sentencing. The Law Offices of Samuel S. Nailli has the experience and expertise to handle a variety of criminal charges.

  • Conspiracy, burglary, theft or possession of stolen property
  • Arson
  • Assault and Battery
  • Violation of your current parole, protection orders or peace orders
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Operating a motor vehicle under a suspended license
  • Conspiracy, possession of an illegal substance, drug paraphernal, or possession of a controlled dangerous substance with the intent to deal
  • Aggravated sexual assault including crimes against minors
  • Traffic violations including vehicle manslaughter

The best possible approach during an interrogation or after the filing of formal criminal charges is contacting the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nailli. A knowledgeable Laurel, Maryland criminal lawyer will answer your questions truthfully. Providing the best defense, engaging the legal support of a reputable criminal lawyer may provide you with the best outcome pertaining to your pending criminal charges.