Facing driving under influence (DUI) charges may be a scary and difficult time. You may not even realize the impact a DUI record can have on your everyday life. A DUI conviction can lead to costly fines, extensive jail time and the loss of your driving privileges for a lengthy time period. A DUI criminal record will be part of your personal information for the rest of your life. Each one could have a major impact on your current and future job, income, family and daily routine.

Engaging a reputable Laurel, Maryland DUI attorney for legal representation should be your first priority. Providing a high-level of experience and expertise, the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli will act as your personal advocate during the legal process. Working aggressively to defend you, a DUI attorney in Laurel, Maryland will strategize to provide the best defense for your situation.

The Best DUI Attorney in Laurel, Maryland

Providing comprehensive legal support, the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli will immediately strategize to protect your rights. By strategizing the strengths and weaknesses of your individual case, a knowledgeable DUI attorney in Laurel Maryland will be able to proceed with the best course of action to defend your situation. Being proactive with your defense is the best way to approach the courtroom. Beginning with a comprehensive review of the evidence and facts pertaining to your charge, we will start to build your defense.

  • Using a copy of the police report, we determine why the police officer stopped your motor vehicle. Gathering witness statements from passengers may also be part of the initial process to determine why you were initially stopped. We want to ensure the police officer had a justifiable cause for stopping your vehicle.
  • The Laurel, Maryland DUI attorney will examine the results of your field sobriety tests (FST). By reviewing the results we can determine the next course of action in the strategic plan to defend your DUI charge.
  • Ask for a history and maintenance report on the breathalyzer to determine any previous malfunctioning actions. A poorly functioning breathalyzer may negatively impact the final readings. Using the history of an improperly working breathalyzer is an important strategy for the defense.

By focusing on the evidence in the case, the DUI attorney will strategize to point out specific weak points in the prosecuting attorney’s case. The aggressiveness of the plan allows for the possibility of the DUI charges receiving a reduced sentence. In some situations, the facts of the case may end up with charges being dropped.

A Laurel, Maryland DUI attorney will use all gathered material to present a case for the defense. By presenting and negotiating with the facts, the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli will strategize for the courtroom presentation. Providing you with the best outcome for your DUI charge requires extensive planning.

If you would like more information on legal representation with a DUI attorney in Laurel, Maryland, please call or fill out the convenient contact us form today. Providing free consultation, the Law Offices of Samuel S. Nalli will provide a truthful overview of DUI situation.